Orthopedic Instrument Set

  • Amputation Set
  • Ankle Surgery Set
  • Arthrotomy Set
  • Basic Total Hip Surgery Set
  • Extra Bone Clamps
  • Hand Surgery Set
  • Knee Surgery Set
  • Major Orthopedic Set
  • Minor Orthopedic Set
  • Soft Tissue Surgery Set
  • Wire Instruments Set
  • Etc


Surtex Orthopedic Instruments. We remain committed to providing the highest quality products and customer service.

In this special sets catalogue you will find a comprehensive range of Orthopedic surgery instrument sets, which have been developed following detailed consultation with leading orthopedic surgeons. In addition to these orthopedic surgery instrument sets we also manufacture instrument sets for general, ophthalmic, cardiovascular, neurosurgery, ENT, gynecological surgery, plastic surgery and dental surgery etc. These sets can be located in their relevant specialty catalogues.

We appreciate your patronage and look forward to a successful relationship with you.